ICO-26 Conference submissions

The ICO-26 Conference serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas, fostering collaboration and showcasing the latest advancements in the various fields of optics and photonics. If you are delving into cutting-edge research, innovative methodologies, or impactful projects, we invite you to submit your groundbreaking work, either as a poster presentation or a contributed talk.


We will consider submissions on all topics within the optics and photonics fields.

Examples of topics
Applied Optics & Photonics
Biomedical Optics
Color & Image Science
Diffractive Optics
Fiber & Integrated Photonics
Green Photonics
Lasers & Light Sources
LEDs & Illumination
LIDAR and Photogrammetry
Light-matter Interaction
Machine Learning for Physics Applications
Nonlinear & Quantum Optics
Novel laser Beams
Optical Beam Shaping
Optical Instrumentation
Optical Materials
Optical Metrology
Optometry and Vision
Photonics for Aerospace
Photovoltaic Systems


Once you’ve settled on your topic, kindly determine the broad theme from the options below that it aligns with most closely:

1. Advances in Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy:

Focuses on super-resolution imaging, multiphoton microscopy, spectroscopic techniques, and their applications in biology, medicine, materials science, and environmental monitoring.

2. Photonic Devices and Technologies:

Focuses on developments in photonic devices such as lasers, optical fibres, photodetectors, and integrated photonics which include applications in telecommunications, data transmission, sensing, and quantum computing.

3. Quantum Optics, Atom Optics, and Information Processing:

Focuses on research on quantum optics and atom optics with phenomena, quantum entanglement for quantum communication, quantum cryptography, and quantum computing using photonic and atomic systems.

4. Optical Materials and Nanophotonics:

Research focused on novel optical materials, metamaterials, plasmonics, and nanostructured surfaces for controlling light-matter interactions which could explore applications in energy harvesting, sensing, and optical computing.

5. Structured Light

Structured light technology has become a cornerstone in classical and quantum optics research. This theme explores the diverse applications of structured light in photonics systems.

6. Biophotonics and Medical Optics:

Addresses the use of light-based techniques for biomedical imaging, diagnostics, and therapy which include optical coherence tomography and fluorescence imaging.

7. Optical Metrology and Sensing:

Focuses on advancements in optical measurement techniques, such as interferometry, spectroscopy, and optical sensors for applications in industry, aerospace, environmental monitoring, and precision instrumentation.

8. Optical Engineering and Design:

Topics related to the design, modelling, and optimization of optical systems and components which include ray tracing, wavefront shaping, adaptive optics, and computational optics.

9. Light-Matter Interactions and Nonlinear Optics:

Explores fundamental studies of light-matter interactions, nonlinear optical phenomena, ultrafast optics, and their applications in nonlinear microscopy, laser material processing, and optical signal processing.

10. Machine Learning Applied to Optical Systems

The integration of machine learning (ML) with optical systems is revolutionizing various fields by enhancing data processing, improving accuracy, and enabling new capabilities. This theme will delve into the latest advancements, applications, and challenges at the intersection of machine learning and optical technologies.

How to submit a paper

Please click on the button below and complete our form with your contact details and the broad theme your topic aligns with most effectively. You will also be asked to upload your paper. Kindly ensure your paper is typeset in line with the specifications of our MS Word template or the Overleaf template.

If you are unable to access our form, please click to see the information required for submissions. Kindly email the required information and your paper to submissions@ico26.com.

The deadline for submissions is 21 June 2024 @ 23h59 CET. Please note that this is the final extension – unfortunately the deadline cannot be shifted beyond this date. Notifications of acceptance will be emailed in July 2024.

Got a question?

For any enquiries concerning abstract submissions, please email the ICO-26 team at submissions @ ico26.com

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