ICO-26 Congress information

We are grateful for the service of the dedicated individuals below who form the backbone of the ICO-26 Congress. Together they play pivotal roles in orchestrating an exceptional and memorable ICO-26 Congress for everyone involved.

Our Local Organising Committee, comprised of passionate professionals, is committed to ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all attendees. Guiding us with their expertise and insights, the Advisory Committee offers invaluable support, shaping the direction and content of the Congress. Additionally, our International Representatives bring a global perspective, fostering connections and collaborations across borders.

Local Organising Committee

  • Dr Yaseera Ismail (Chair, Stellenbosch University and Optica Appointed Vice President of the ICO)
  • Prof Ahmadou Wague (Honorary co-chair, African Laser Network – LAM)
  • Prof Ariel Levenson (CNRS)
  • Prof Maalik Maaza (UNISA & iThemba LABS/NRF)
  • Prof Pieter Neethling (Stellenbosch University)
  • Prof Francesco Petruccione (NITheCS, Stellenbosch University)
  • Dr Christine Steenkamp (Stellenbosch University)


Advisory Committee

  • J Czarske (TU Dresden, Germany)
  • P Ferraro (CNR, Italy)
  • Q Gong (Peking University, China)
  • J C Howell (Chapman College, USA)
  • N Kundikova (South Ural St. University, Russia)
  • H Michinel (Universidade de Vigo, Spain)
  • K Minoshima (Univ. Electrocommunications, Japan)
  • J Niemela (ICTP, Italy)
  • S Otero (Radiantis, Spain)
  • A Podoleanu (University of Kent, UK)
  • R Ramponi (Politécnico di Milano, Italy)
  • L Sirko (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
  • N Westbrook (Institute d’Optique, France)


International Representatives

  • K D Choquette (IEEE Photonics)
  • C Cisneros (IUPAP)
  • C Londoño (SPIE)
  • G Pauliat (European Optical Society)
  • E Rosas (Iberoamerican Optics Network- RIAO)
  • G von Bally (Optics Within Life Sciences)

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